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たくさんのありがとう Many thanks

弊社ホームページ上では既にお知らせしましたが、2016年2月19日にはじまり、5月5日まで熊本市現代美術館で開催予定だった「淀川テクニック ゴミニケーション in 熊本!!」展は地震による影響のため展示を再開せず、中止となりました。





Due to the influence of the earthquake ,”Yodogawa Technique Gommunication in Kumamoto” held at Contemporary Art Museum,Kumamoto has been unfortunately cancelled.The exhibition started on February 19,2016 had been well received by the audience before the huge earthquake hit the area.

It is a shame that the exhibition was cancelled,but there is no other way at the moment considering the situation of Kumamoto now.

We really appreciate the museum staff members and everyone who visited and supported the exhibition.

Hope that Kumamoto will recover very soon and try our best to support them.

Once again,many thanks to you all!!!

写真:「淀川テクニック ゴミニケーション in 熊本」の展示風景
Photo : exhibition view of “Yodogawa Technique Gommunication in Kumamoto”

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