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大人の実験 Experiment for grown-ups








We have just launched “YUKARI ART mini”, a tiny window gallery space in Nakameguro, Tokyo.

As we hope to be there just “naturally” like a flower on street, we will not put any signboard.

You might ask :
Why window only?
Why no signboard?

I used to manage “normal” (!?) white cube gallery space.
What I was always feeling in my gallery was that many people feel hesitant to go inside the gallery.
There seemed a huge wall inside and outside of it.

Then why don’t we get rid of all the walls?
Why don’t we show the work in the display window so that anybody can see the work without walking into the gallery?

This is how YUKARI ART mini was born.

How many people will find the place if we have no signboard?
How people will react the art work if it is just there on the side of a street?

Our experiment has just started!

作品:ユカリアートミニに展示中の吉田朗・作「犬張り子 U.S. Forces Japan ピンクカモフラージュ 」

Photo from YUKARI ART mini
Work by Akira YOSHIDA, “Inuhariko U.S. Forces Japan Pink camouflage”

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