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自然か芸術か!? Nature or Man-made!?

(English text follows Japanese.)




中目黒のユカリアート・ミニでは現在、淀川テクニックの鳥を展示中の他、6月26日〜7月8日まで阪急うめだギャラリーで開催される「数寄景/NEW VIEW 日本を継ぐ、現代アートのいま」 展にも鳥の作品と新作の平面作品が出品されます。

また鳥ではありませんが(笑)、アーティストの故郷である岡山県真庭市のご依頼で制作した愛嬌たっぷりのイノシシ「真庭のシシ」が6月14日〜16日までG20の公式展示「G20 Innovation展」のために軽井沢へ参ります。


I love Cassowary, an endangered bird living in western tropic of Australia which evolved millions of years ago.
I am always enchanted by its gracefulness and divine beauty.

The natural world is full of majestically beautiful living creatures.

A well known Japanese contemporary art collector once said to me
“I like Yodogawa Technique’s imaginary fish and animals that seem to exist, but never exist in the world”.

I was very happy and humbled to hear the word.

Nature or Man-made?
Not easy to choose!

YUKARI ART mini in Nakameguro (Tokyo) is currently exhibiting garbage based birds by Yodogawa Technique.
You can also see his birds and other latest works at “ New View ” exhibition in Hankyu Umeda Gallery (Osaka) from June 26 thru July 8.

This one is not a bird, but “ Boar of Maniwa”, one of the artist’s latest public art piece created in his birth town Maniwa (Okayama) will be exhibited at “ G20 Innovation Exhibition ”,
an official exhibition of G20 hosted by Japan this year.

Don’t miss these opportunities to enjoy magical creatures by Yodogawa Technique!

写真右: 淀川テクニック・作「インコ」
Photo right : Yodogawa Technique “True parrot”

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